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"gain notoriety" en español

gain notoriety
  • ganar notoriedad

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He said this "rather puts paid" to the idea that complaints were being made for financial benefit, or to gain notoriety.
I think for other cases, where the purpose of the attack is, for example, primarily to gain notoriety, then the targets in a sense become the means to that end.
It used to be that programmers created and launched annoying but mild virus and spam malware to show the world just how brilliant they were and to gain notoriety.
Jesperson earned his nickname by sending confessions to journalists and police departments around the country to gain notoriety, signing the admissions with a happy face.
Koh added that a "self-timed" photograph the two men had taken in front of the train before vandalising it "was meant to serve as a trophy to gain notoriety".
She's entered a long list of young starlets we've seen over the years create controversy by disrobing to gain notoriety.
And it's just an attempt to gain notoriety for others by smearing a good person, in my opinion.
Kim, however, believes it is "more of a challenge" to gain notoriety for being yourself.
Swift doesn't need to gain notoriety any more than a fish needs a bicycle.
He's desperately tried to gain notoriety and some people are giving it to him.

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