Qué significa "gain perspective" en español


"gain perspective" en español

gain perspective
  • perspectiva de ganancia
  • obtener perspectiva

Ejemplos de uso para "gain perspective" en inglés

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A distraction, even for a moment, from the constant and attention-shredding duties of the day is one way to gain perspective.
Don't forget to locate the worker at the bottom-center to gain perspective.
Inside the barbed wire, it takes a few minutes to gain perspective.
Non-worriers are able to distance themselves from a situation in order to gain perspective.
Instagram also announced that it will offer more insights to businesses on stories, posts saved and multi-post images to gain perspective on its followers.
To gain perspective on the two biggest stories in sports journalism in 2015, you need to dial up a podcast from two years ago.
To gain perspective on what's happened since 2011, we spoke to a young activist who's been at the front line for women and civil rights.
From overcoming these obstacles, we gain perspective, perspective into building a better future for ourselves, perspective into creating a better story to tell.
He loves to talk to fellow fans and gain perspective on something he hasn't come across.

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