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"gain prestige" en español

gain prestige
  • ganar prestigio

Ejemplos de uso para "gain prestige" en inglés

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Beware the seller of an upmarket car who was desperate to gain prestige, but sank all their dollars into the purchase, leaving them nothing for the service and maintenance.
Nor was the deal just a gambit to gain prestige.
Some leaders have been tempted to buy expensive arms to gain prestige.
They gain prestige as they join the increasingly popular process and help it by providing modest funding, along with rooms or other dedicated space for dispute resolution.
He said it helps companies gain prestige and distinguish themselves from competitors.
Moreover, it happens that economic success is what leads a nation's language to prosper and gain prestige.
There are no classes, you won't gain prestige from winning matches, unlockable items are mostly cosmetic.
The selectivity could lead universities to make coursework more rigorous, gain prestige and produce a stronger pool of available workers.
The boomers keep their low taxes, and their alma maters gain prestige, but the next generation of workers starts with a debt boulder strapped to its back.

Ejemplos de uso para "gain prestige" en español

EnglishWe want up to 10 % of EU students to participate and they can gain the prestige of being a part of this programme.
Queremos que participe hasta un 10 % de los estudiantes de la UE y que se beneficien del prestigio de formar parte de este programa.

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