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"gain result" en español

gain result
  • resultado de ganancia

Ejemplos de uso para "gain result" en inglés

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Findings have shown that there are modest gains resulting from these efforts.
The weight gain results for lambs were surprising but not entirely unexpected.
Both personal and professional gains result from improved performance and a commitment to success.
Any recycling gain results in an equivalent decrease in the volume of waste going to landfill, which means reduced disposal and transport costs.
The capital gain resulted from both the potential for rising dividends over time and the increased appeal of dividends over a falling cash rate.
It contains improvements with regard to the taxation of service fees and capital gains resulting from the sale of qualifying participants.
I went as far as embroiling myself in the usual requisites of processes without any hope of gaining results in my favor.
It is the first big example of public losses and private gain resulting from privatization.
Accordingly, any gains resulting from sale of the land shall be taxable in your hand as capital gains.
To be a sport, an activity must "aim at improving physical fitness and well-being, forming social relationships and gaining results in competition".

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