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"gain the knowledge" en español

gain the knowledge
  • obtener el conocimiento

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And it is educational experiences like this that will help children to gain the knowledge and confidence required to influence and shape the future of their digital world.
If we do not get educational content right, students are less likely to gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college and careers.
In addition to housing, newly arrived immigrants and refugees require a host of supports and services to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to settle.
It is wise to work at a fine-dining establishment as a back waiter, server, or bartender to gain the knowledge and experience needed to run a fine dining restaurant.
Knowledge is power, and this is the way to gain the knowledge and avoid the mis-steps that could lead to negative outcomes.
Normally to gain the knowledge and receive the training of someone so experienced it would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
The format enables a business leader to gain the knowledge and expertise, and also share their experience.
Watch our webcast to gain the knowledge and insight you need to ensure your datacentre is up to the workplace demands of both today and tomorrow.
Instead, they use and appreciate the power of the internet to gain knowledge and ideas.
Jadon said he wanted to take the course to gain knowledge and learn how to trap.

Ejemplos de uso para "gain the knowledge" en español

EnglishAs a whole, we have to gain better knowledge of deep sea fishing and improve the stocks.
En general, debemos adquirir un mejor conocimiento de la pesca en aguas profundas y mejorar las poblaciones.
EnglishAll citizens must gain the knowledge and skills required of them and continuously update them.
Todos los ciudadanos tienen que adquirir el conocimiento y las capacidades que se exigen de ellos y deben actualizarlos de forma continua.
EnglishResearch on embryonic stem cells would appear to be crucial to gain more knowledge about the very first stages of life.
La investigación sobre células madre embrionarias parece crucial para avanzar en el conocimiento de las primerísimas etapas de la vida.
EnglishThis gain in knowledge will have consequences for industry as a whole and for our means of preserving humankind and the environment.
Esa ganancia de conocimientos tendrá consecuencias para toda la industria y para nuestras posibilidades de preservar el ser humano y la naturaleza.
EnglishOne cannot underestimate, either, the tremendous gain in knowledge that will result from the registration, evaluation and authorisation process.
No se puede subestimar tampoco la fantástica ganancia de conocimiento que se derivará del proceso de registro, evaluación y autorización.
EnglishThe purpose of the diagnosis is to confirm or remove the suspicion of cancer and, in the event of the suspicion being confirmed, to gain precise knowledge of the tumour.
El diagnóstico sirve para confirmar o descartar la sospecha de una enfermedad oncológica y, si se confirma, obtener un conocimiento exacto acerca del tumor.

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