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gait pattern
  • patrón de marcha

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It's a set of callipers controlled by motors at the hips and the knees that copy a normal gait pattern.
The stress the body goes through, especially for children who have yet to develop their normal gait pattern, may have serious repercussions later on.
They do that until they reach about seven years old, when they get the normal gait pattern.
The resulting hip weakness frequently produces a gait pattern in which the knee is allowed to twist in excess.
That minimizes the forces and tissue breakdown on his stump and makes for a smoother gait pattern.
Footprint is a unique process developed with podiatrists which uses individual foot data and gait pattern to generate footwear tailored to individual specifications.
When you put an elvated cushioned heel on a shoe and allow a heel strike gait pattern with a slow rythym there is increased torque on the knee.
With treatment and good muscle strengthening programmes a more efficient gait pattern may be constructed.
The toe-out gait pattern also reduced strain on the hamstring muscles because it allowed her to use her hip abductors to decelerate forward motion of the swinging leg.
Dynamic: signature gesture, voice, keyboard use and maybe a gait pattern.

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