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"gait speed" en español

gait speed
  • velocidad de marcha

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In this older adult population the relationship of gait speed with remaining years of life was consistent across age groups.
A physical decline continued to be seen over the following decades, with reduced aerobic endurance and gait speed beginning once participants had entered their 60s and 70s.
The study compared results from electromyography assessments of leg and arm muscles to basic physical performance tests such as gait speed, balance and hand-grip strength.
The stride length and hip height were plugged into a standard equation to arrive at the estimate of the dinosaur's gait speed.
They had gait speed data for about 1,300 subjects in each study arm and mobility data for 1,250 in each arm.
They've developed a sensor system that measure changes in your gait speed and stride length to predict likely falls up to 3 weeks before they happen.
The study revealed that not only is it effective for reducing pain and pain interference, it also helps reduce fatigue and improved gait speed.
The average gait speed of the 34,485 participants was 0.92 metres (three feet) per second.
The scientists tested the women's gait speed and stability, then randomly assigned them to one of three groups.
Gait speed has potential to be implemented in practice, using a stop watch and a four-metre (13 feet) course...

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