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"gala dinner" en español

gala dinner
  • cena de gala

Ejemplos de uso para "gala dinner" en inglés

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A total of 90 awards were collected by some of the industry's leading names in front of an audience of 400 during the gala dinner.
At least 900 paying guests would be catered for at the gala dinner.
His efforts were lauded by all the guests present at the gala dinner.
Patterson explained that there will also be international speakers at the start of the conference and the gala dinner.
The day's events are aimed to attract a wide range of stakeholders and will conclude with the gala dinner.
We actually raise more money at the gala dinner -- not that much actually, but some.
Fund raising was completed last month, with activities such as a gala dinner.
However, sources in the government said several ambassadors gave the meeting (followed by a gala dinner) a miss and sent their secretaries instead.
Tickets to the gala dinner are $90 per person, with tables of 10 available.

Ejemplos de uso para "gala dinner" en español

Englishthe convention was rounded off with a gala dinner
el congreso tuvo como colofón una cena de gala

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