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"gala event" en español

gala event
  • evento de gala

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Leonardo, 40, is a tireless campaigner for animal rights and last year, he raised $25 million for the cause at a gala event.
Okay, it was a gala event -- but he was elegant and comfortable.
The money comes from fundraising, which includes a bike ride every year and a gala event.
The official theatrical trailer was launched a few days ago in a gala event.
Now in its eighth year, the gala event had already raised about $120,000 for its two charities, with this year's total still being calculated.
Jayalalithaa was also at the helm the last time such a gala event was held with government patronage in 2003.
The team is planning to host a gala event for the same too.
Seats at the gala event cost 2,500 euros each and ten-seat tables go for 20,000 euros.

Ejemplos de uso para "gala event" en español

English(DE) On 22 October, the eve of the revolution, Heads of State, prime ministers and other distinguished guests took part in a gala event at the Budapest State Opera.
(DE) El 22 de octubre, en vísperas de la revolución, los Jefes de Estado, Primeros Ministros y otras personalidades invitadas participaron en una ceremonia de gala en la Opera Estatal de Budapest.

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