Qué significa "gala night" en español


"gala night" en español

gala night
  • noche de gala

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Few of the "people" themselves were in attendance on gala night.
On gala night, the great and good cluster to drink champagne and talk business.
She had opted for a wavy bob hairdo for the gala night.
With tickets for the gala night -- one of the top events in the social calendar -- changing hands for thousands of euros, it is an event for the very few.
The gala night is in its third year running but the gifting of the gumboot is an old tradition in the comedy community, harking back at least a decade.
The gala night is without all the pressure of adjudication, he said.
The theatre recently had a 40 thousand dollar makeover, just in time for its gala night that saw members celebrate the vibrant and precious community hub.
The gala night continued in its usual style of pomp and wonderful performances.
Keara smiled as she remembered that gala night, she turned the page of her book not reading it at all.

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