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galactic scale
  • escala galáctica

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But for students in 2006, change arrived on a galactic scale.
On a galactic scale, globular clusters are not all that big.
Some good research and a good demonstration of evaporative cooling but on a galactic scale.
Stars are very tiny on a galactic scale, and generally don't physically collide with one another.
The cores of the two galaxies are separated by less than 15,000 light-years, which is pretty close on a galactic scale.
As you recognize that all planets in all solar systems have to follow these laws, also understand that these laws do not apply on the galactic scale.
Earth won't quite be hosting a family reunion, but the two comets will be passing by in pretty quick succession, especially on the galactic scale.
Heck, it was immensely powerful on the galactic scale.

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