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"galaxies appear" en español

galaxies appear
  • galaxias aparecen

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The structures and star populations of massive galaxies appear to change as they age, but much about how these galaxies formed and evolved remains mysterious.
Eventually physicists will recognise the reason that galaxies appear to be accelerating away from us is because we (the observers) are sinking into a gravity well.
The galaxies appear to be coalescing into a galaxy cluster.
The most distant galaxies appear as faint red dots.
Even in light of the lensing, which makes the galaxies appear as much as 10 times brighter than they actually are, they're still, by any standard, extremely luminous.
The missing light is re-emitted by the grains as far-infrared radiation, which means the team has been able to compare how dusty galaxies appear over time.
The researchers calculated how evenly distributed, or smooth, the galaxies appear on length scales of 2 billion light-years.
Such colossal collisions between galaxies appear to be common.
It is an explanation for a number of cosmic oddities, such as why galaxies appear to rotate more quickly than the standard model predicts that they should.
Galaxies appear to rotate faster at their edges than the matter we see can account for, and one set of candidates for this missing dark matter is supersymmetric particles.

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