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"galaxies evolve" en español

galaxies evolve
  • galaxias evolucionan

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So the behaviour of how people have their hair, how buildings are made, how galaxies evolve and so on and so forth.
The glowing galactic bridge offers astronomers a unique opportunity to explore how galaxies evolve and merge to form superclusters.
The telescope will be used for research into fundamental unanswered questions about the universe, including how galaxies evolve and how the first black holes formed.
She preferred to focus her research on more concrete questions, like how galaxies evolve.
To understand how galaxies evolve, we need to study the link between stars and gas, and the effects...
The astronomers say the findings will help to shed light on how black holes and galaxies evolve.
This is a powerful way of understanding how galaxies evolve through cosmic time.
It is persuasive evidence that galaxies evolve through the course of history.
The quasars will help answer fundamental questions about how massive galaxies evolve.
However, galaxies evolve through merging, and merged galaxies can sometimes possess multiple supermassive black holes.

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