Qué significa "galaxies form" en español


"galaxies form" en español

galaxies form
  • forma galaxias
  • forma de galaxias

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But the result does shed a surprising new light on how galaxies form and evolve.
If we want to understand how galaxies form and grow, we need to understand these jets.
Understanding how galaxies form and evolve is a massive challenge to astronomers.
He expects, based on computer simulations of how galaxies form, that the outer halo is older.
These simulations, when coupled with a semianalytical model, let astronomers model how galaxies form.
This galaxy is an excellent laboratory for astronomers to study how spiral galaxies form and evolve.
Ring galaxies form when a small neighbor galaxy plunges through the disk of a larger spiral galaxy.
As galaxies form, material migrates toward the centre, where the density and gravity is greatest.
That leaves a void of vast, empty space in some areas; but super-clusters of galaxies form in other places.

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