Qué significa "gales of laughter" en español


"gales of laughter" en español

gales of laughter
  • gallos de risa
  • gales de risa

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I didn't catch it at first, but at one point all my house guests were huddled together around my laptop replaying it over and over to gales of laughter.
One week he discovered how to put a blanket over his head and then remove it, to gales of laughter.
The last answer reduced the packed main theatre of the festival to gales of laughter.
So hilarious were some antics that the vetting panellists and journalists could not help but burst out in gales of laughter.
There was plenty of slapstick fun too, such as band members throwing undies onstage, which had the largely grey-haired crowd in gales of laughter.
How does it feel to hear your dialogue being greeted by gales of laughter?
In an instant, the leaden balloon of sorrow is burst by gales of laughter.
It was a typically robust response and the moment was dissipated by gales of laughter.
The crowd responded to these amusing vignettes with further cheers and gales of laughter.

Ejemplos de uso para "gales of laughter" en español

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