Qué significa "gallery floor" en español


"gallery floor" en español

gallery floor
  • piso de la galería

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Because the mirror is level with the floor, it reflects the triangles above and opens a visual door beneath the surface of the gallery floor.
Delicate, precious small paintings, whether in oil or ink, frame the gallery floor, on which have been placed equally fragile pieces of furniture.
Large textiles, each with a flare for the dramatic, are hung high above the gallery floor.
On the gallery floor, long black roof trusses were strewn, waiting to be assembled into an installation.
Sitting on the gallery floor, watching the video on curved floor-to-ceiling screens, viewers are immersed in this tide of information.
The director's method is obvious from the first frames -- a montage of some stunningly beautiful paintings in the collection next to footage of a cleaner diligently hoovering the gallery floor.
The result is an ever-changing ballet of light on the gallery floor.
The scene is projected a second time onto a wrestling mat on the gallery floor.
There is also a huge printed mirror casting a lovely, spectral reflection on the gallery floor.

Ejemplos de uso para "gallery floor" en español

EnglishThe top-floor Parthenon Gallery offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the Acropolis and modern Athens.
La Sala Partenón en el piso más alto ofrece una vista panorámica de 360 grados de la Acrópolis y de la Atenas moderna.