Qué significa "gallery opening" en español


"gallery opening" en español

gallery opening
  • apertura de galería
  • apertura de la galería

Ejemplos de uso para "gallery opening" en inglés

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A gallerist and an economist walked into an art gallery opening.
Beer -- good beer -- at an art gallery opening?
I heard a rumour that you're currently working on a "solo" album of sorts, in conjuction with an art gallery opening.
It's the kind of label that is less red carpet, more art gallery opening, and all the more loved for it.
The evening began at 10pm at an art gallery opening.
This is for people who would go to an art gallery opening, or a four-course dinner, but also like cannabis.
A string of lights takes on the appearance of an after-hours art installation at -- the opposite of a gallery opening -- a closing.
Anyone who has ever been to a gallery opening, a book launch, a theatre, film or music festival in the city knows this.
The gallery opening hours vary a bit so check out its website for details.