Qué significa "gallop along" en español


"gallop along" en español

gallop along
  • galope a lo largo
  • galope a lo largo de

Ejemplos de uso para "gallop along" en inglés

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Last season had nothing even approaching filler, and this one is galloping along just as satisfyingly.
The animals galloped along the sidewalk, through manicured yards and along street medians.
As a horse galloped along it, trip wires released the shutters and created a sequence of negatives which together could project its movement for a few seconds.
He wanders, cries; gallops along land he no longer belongs to; he re-enters the water by melting.
Australia have galloped along to 0 for 72 in 13 overs.
He gallops along, albeit occasionally pausing in unexpected places.
Horses suffer; they're galloping along with their entrails trailing behind.
The health insurance sector is galloping along nicely too, thank you, the worse things get.
Her cavalcade of enthusiasms and idiosyncrasies gallop along at a pleasing pace.
Poldark has always galloped along but this was a breathless episode by any standards.

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