Qué significa "gallows humour" en español


"gallows humour" en español

gallows humour
  • humor de horca
  • horca humor

Ejemplos de uso para "gallows humour" en inglés

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But after the devastation of the fire isn't this just an example of gallows humour.
There are even occasional moments of gallows humour, as it were, though they seem to be mostly unintentional.
With a wicked sense of gallows humour, much appreciated by the rest of the group, not so long ago he stopped talking.
It is full of energy, despair, passion, sensuality and gallows humour.
Singing songs of wounded pride and gallows humour, they knew they were unlikely to be passing this way again for some time.
But we keep that between ourselves because gallows humour might de-stress clergy, but not the bereaved.
You need a touch of gallows humour when dealing with politics at the best of times.
Perhaps this is why gallows humour has seeped into my conversations about the future.
It's a kind of gallows humour that help them to hold back their nightmares.
Gallows humour has become the best way to endure a summer that formally ends today with a first game of the 2016-17 campaign.

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