Qué significa "galvanize support" en español


"galvanize support" en español

galvanize support
  • soporte galvanizado
  • galvanizar el apoyo

Ejemplos de uso para "galvanize support" en inglés

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Even the silent majority in their ranks profess awe at how the students have managed to galvanize support for their cause.
If nothing else, the area has the potential to galvanize support for the backcountry crowd.
Just as any lobby group has a right to galvanize support for an issue it is passionate about and express their views, protocols and process must be followed.
They may again use the girls to galvanize support for what is becoming a shambling and shambolic contraption called the present administration.
We are teaming up with industry leaders to galvanize support for the most promising science and technology startups that have tremendous potential to be great businesses and benefit society.
In fact, the government can through the traditional institution galvanize support or opinions from people about government policies.
Muhammad used to galvanize support by organizing grand musical festivals at the garden.
But politicians from both parties are sure to embrace the issue one way or another, using it to galvanize support and donations among supporters.
The eradication of polio can galvanize support for the development and delivery of additional lifesaving vaccines and achieving universal immunization coverage.
Public outrage over how the women were treated helped galvanize support for the suffrage movement.