Qué significa "galvanize the community" en español


"galvanize the community" en español

galvanize the community
  • galvanizar la comunidad
  • galvanizar a la comunidad

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That galvanized the community, which depends on tourism largely brought in during the good wildflower years.
And the hockey world appears determined to be there along the way, demonstrating how tragic events can galvanize a community.
That and subsequent debates on potential cuts to social and community services have galvanized the community.
The tragedy galvanized the community to tackle youth violence on the reserve.
The event was an international attention-getter and it galvanized a community that was unaccustomed to being so outspoken.
A small collective of artists had been working on a striking image they hoped would galvanize the community to act.
A strategic editorial calendar should blend video, audio, imagery, text, updates, and other social objects and networks to reach, inspire, and galvanize communities.
Maybe that is why nonprofit health insurance co-ops and the potential for community health needs assessments to galvanize communities around health reform didn't rise higher in the conversation.
But it also galvanized the community against what some say is a never-ending cycle of violent crime.
Their messages -- whether emotional, political or simply angry -- are helping to galvanize the community in looking to the future.

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