Qué significa "galvanized steel" en español


"galvanized steel" en español

galvanized steel
  • acero galvanizado

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Other merchandise to be auctioned include glass bottles, golf bags, galvanized steel sheets and clothing apparel.
Galvanized steel sheets are also used in housing, as an alternative to asbestos-based products.
Metal sheds are the most basic option and come in galvanized steel or aluminum, but some maintenance is required to protect against rust.
Three insulated single- or double-insulated curb models in varying heights will be available in galvanized steel or aluminum.
High-tensile wire is available in two options: galvanized steel and aluminum.
Utilizing custom-made machinery, the panels are constructed out of flat, galvanized steel and a roll former shapes it to the desired configuration.
Galvanized steel is coated with zinc to prevent corrosion of steel.
Galvanized steel is used in applications such as building and construction, automotive, engineering, consumer durables, and electrical.
Galvanized steel offers an economic solution that will effectively carry an electric charge long distances.
The product is a coated steel with twice the rust and corrosion resistance of galvanized steel.

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