Qué significa "galvanizing force" en español


"galvanizing force" en español

galvanizing force
  • fuerza de galvanización
  • fuerza galvanizadora

Ejemplos de uso para "galvanizing force" en inglés

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However, should the court strike down the law, the practical impact could be less clear to voters, making the issue less of a galvanizing force for the left.
She's already a galvanizing force for the environmental movement, and has the ability to break down complex, often dull issues into stories to which anyone can relate.
Social media as a tool for activism is great in important ways, but making it work as a galvanizing force for political change will take a lot of work.
But her mistreatment seems to be a galvanizing force.
However, she also notes that critics can be a galvanizing force.
But it's clear he remained a galvanizing force to his teammates, one that won't easily be replaced during the final four games of 2014 and beyond.
But theirs is hardly the only heart-wrenching story out there, so just what has made it such a galvanizing force in the world of lacrosse?
Can he be a galvanizing force that changes how the team is perceived not only by opponents but by themselves?
What was both a polarizing and a back-bench issue just a year ago is now a galvanizing force even for those who don't pay close attention to politics.
Someone has to raise the flag and be the galvanizing force people can rally around.

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