Qué significa "gamble paid off" en español


"gamble paid off" en español

gamble paid off
  • apuesta pagada

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But the gamble paid off and women couldn't decide, which character they liked more.
Despite losing the main and co-main event fights the gamble paid off.
Despite the naysayers who complained about the strip mall location and the long drive, the gamble paid off: business has nearly tripled since the relocation.
For those who took the plunge and bought shares however the gamble paid off.
He gambled with a young enthusiastic team and the gamble paid off.
Judging by the audience reactions, the gamble paid off.
The gamble paid off, and the new alcohol category now has double the sales of the discontinued line.
The gamble paid off, not just in award nominations: the six-bedroom home sold for over $10 million.
We did not have a choice but just to go for it and the gamble paid off.
We'll find out if the gamble paid off in the new year.

Ejemplos de uso para "gamble paid off" en español

EnglishChampagne's gamble paid off: he succeeded in taking a critical look at the era and in bringing new audiences into the theatre.
Englishthe gamble paid off

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