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"gambling game" en español

gambling game
  • juego de apuestas
  • juego de juego

Ejemplos de uso para "gambling game" en inglés

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Anyone who wins in a gambling game, jueteng especially, is expected to give a token share of his winnings, to his close friends and neighbor.
Because cricket then (and now) was a gambling game.
Some also kept opium dens and one was even a fantan (a gambling game) expert.
The economic market is like a gambling game; anything can change anytime.
They all engaged in a gambling game, in which they could take a definite $5 reward or choose between the possibility of getting a much larger payout or nothing at all.
You need capital as a publisher because it's a gambling game...
Latkes (potato pancakes) and other fried foods symbolize the significance of the oil, and children play the dreidel, a gambling game with a square top.
You get drawn into a gambling game with other locals.

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