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"gambling machines" en español

gambling machines
  • máquinas de juego

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But gambling operators have called for the new bill to tackle up to 20,000 unlicensed gambling machines in the country.
There are up to 20,000 unlicensed gambling machines in the country, a new report has revealed.
More time to spend in front of gambling machines.
The members confiscated gambling machines during the raiding.
Not only did lawmakers legalize gambling machines and table games at casinos, he said, they voted to allow smoking in those establishments, too.
We have carried out so many raids that our police headquarters is filled with gambling machines.
Gambling machines are highly addictive, but the revenue generated has been funding community charities and causes for years.
Of calls to gambling help lines, 78.6% said gambling machines were their primary mode of gambling.
The destruction of the gambling machines was part of the police campaign against the increasing gambling habit among the society.
In inflation-adjusted terms, spending on all gambling machines had fallen 24% since 2004.

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