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"gambling operations" en español

gambling operations
  • operaciones de juego

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It implements rules and regulations governing the conduct of professional sports and has the power to enforce anti-illegal gambling operations.
The offer, he said, was to get a "monthly take" from illegal gambling operations.
This crackdown is undertaken in light of reports that in some areas, there are drug lords who are also financiers of illegal gambling operations.
He said the policeman offered the broadcaster money in exchange for the station's silence on illegal gambling operations in the province.
Lam's online gambling operations were also shuttered due to lack of permits.
As the regulators of their own extremely lucrative gambling operations, provincial and territorial governments find themselves in a glaring conflict of interest.
They have become more and more reliant on revenues -- which amount to billions of dollars each year -- from their gambling operations.
He called the state's expansion of gambling operations an embarrassment.
Neighbors allege there are two more illegal gambling operations still operating nearby.
He forwarded information from people suggesting investigations of marijuana growers, gambling operations and other crimes.

Ejemplos de uso para "gambling operations" en español

EnglishWhat obstacles can the EU erect to prevent gambling operations in Member States?
¿Qué obstáculos puede erigir la UE para evitar el establecimiento de juegos de azar en los Estados miembros?

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