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"gambling operators" en español

gambling operators
  • operadores de juegos de azar

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Gambling operators are heavily taxed instead, with state and territory governments deriving approximately 10 per cent or more of their taxation revenue from legalised gambling.
Gambling operators are so brazen that in many localities, the winnings are broadcast three times a day.
Cariaga also furthered that just like the war against drugs, the barangay possesses a crucial role in identifying illegal gambling operators.
Reports reaching his office said certain individuals are allegedly using his name to collect bribe money from illegal gambling operators.
Under those plans, gambling operators would be required to submit their applications online.
Furst, in order to further finance his studies takes commissions from online gambling operators and risks playing online too for additional money.
But gambling operators have called for the new bill to tackle up to 20,000 unlicensed gambling machines in the country.
Waterhouse stands out from other online gambling operators as a savvy negotiator of celebrity culture.
He warned punters have no protection if gambling operators fail to pay out, based on laws dating back to the 1950s.
Illegal gambling operators can not figure out who can be used as a messenger to bring the money they are offering to me.

Ejemplos de uso para "gambling operators" en español

EnglishIt makes no distinction between gambling operators that are licensed and operating in accordance with the law and those operating often without a license and unlawfully.
No realiza ninguna distinción entre operadores de juegos y apuestas con licencia que operan cumpliendo la ley y aquellos que operan sin licencia e ilegalmente.

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