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"gambling ring" en español

gambling ring
  • anillo de juego

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He was one of 50 people arrested in 2007 for running an illegal gambling ring.
If you're going to start an illegal gambling ring, it's probably best to keep it a secret.
Starting a gambling ring right next to an elementary school sounds bad, until you realize what happened next.
It shows them skirting the law with a gambling ring.
The group was charged with running a gambling ring that raked in $2.2 billion in 15 months and used violent tactics to collect gaming debts.
After the arrest, the former receiver seemed to regret putting his gambling ring next to an elementary school.
Surangama's life is ruined in a gambling ring run by her father.
According to law enforcement officials, this soccer gambling ring booked over $6 million in bets in the course of just two weeks.
This gambling ring was limited to friends and their close acquaintances.

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