Qué significa "game a number" en español


"game a number" en español

game a number
  • juego un número

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I've given up on the game a number of times myself.
Parrish said after the game a number of players were kept out of the lineup for "discipline" reasons.
There is game film to watch, and he will go through the game a number of times.
This means there are quite a few more than just seven missions available and you will need to replay the game a number of times to get them all.
Tonight marks game number 1,829 (along with 261 playoff games).
Reduced wild game numbers meant that carnivores were more likely to target livestock, making the conflict with carnivores worse.
The point being they are looking at experienced performers who've been around the domestic game a number of years.
Hunting can help generate the cash flow to help pay for protection, growing game numbers and building tourism infrastructure.
By the third home game the number of fans drops down to less than 4,000.

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