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"game catch" en español

game catch
  • captura de juego

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Both sides appeared to be running on empty for much of the 2nd half as the speed of the game caught up with them.
We had an amazing run of it, but the rest of the game caught up.
Stopping your progress until the game catches up with you.
Both characters find themselves at the beginning of their respective games caught in the throes of sleep.
Two news items about card games caught my attention recently.
Strand scored their first five minutes into the game catching out our defence with a quick break up the field to go one nil up.
When it's hunting season in the fall, guests can inquire about fresh game catch.
Cant remember the last time a game caught me like that.
And keep in mind this is a 34-year-old who ranks 28th all-time in games caught.

Ejemplos de uso para "game catch" en español

EnglishYou must try and maneuver your Tesla balls and the electric field between them to stop and catch the game ball.
Se debe intentar maniobrar las pelotas y el campo eléctrico que se genera entre ellas para detener y tomar la pelota.

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