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"game machine" en español

game machine
  • máquina de juego

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The smartphone works as a game machine, an alarm clock, the way to access your social media; it is your digital life.
You can't just walk off the street just like some kid flying a game machine.
For essentially a games machine, without a lot of games.
Strictly speaking, chiptunes refers to music crafted using the soundchips of games machines, or emulations of those chips.
Or is this a portable, self-contained game machine that could pair with a more powerful console but also work on its own in a more limited capacity?
About 4 per cent of adults play gaming machines weekly or more often.
Nine video game machines were also confiscated in the raid.
Some of the early proceeds were spent on a sales brochure, which featured a beautiful young woman in a slinky sheer nightgown draping her arm over the game machine.
That stopped short of analysts' biggest concerns regarding possible further increases in taxes on gaming machines and online earnings.
It used to matter whether a portable video game machine could fit in your pocket.

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