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"game tax" en español

game tax
  • impuesto de juego
  • impuesto del juego

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Payment of gaming tax and license fees, employee benefit expenses and marketing, and promotional and entertainment expenses are among the major expenses recorded in the first 3 months of 2015.
We will also spend more effort gaming the tax code, looking for tax shelters and dreaming up creative ways to avoid taxes.
It has since thrived while delivering urban renewal in a rundown industrial landscape and delivered billions in gaming tax revenue along the way.
Games tax the processor, which heats up the device.
The government has said licence fees and gaming taxes would reap a guaranteed minimum of $1 billion over the first 15 years of the casino under the agreement.
The firm said the change was "primarily due to lower gaming taxes and licences attributable to lower gaming revenue".
He added that the level of gaming tax is not the only factor to be considered.
States and territories will pocket an estimated $6 billion windfall from gaming taxes, to the dismay of anti-gambling advocates and social workers.
Details of the filing said that the operator's loss was due to gaming taxes, licensing fees, depreciation and amortization and employee benefit costs.
There is no value added tax, gaming tax or corporation tax applicable.

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