Qué significa "gaming controls" en español


"gaming controls" en español

gaming controls
  • controles de juego

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If you are battling with a party of warriors, there is a switch button included in the gaming controls to allow you to change which warrior you control.
A bigger one, anyway, with real gaming controls, not virtual ones.
Unlike its counterparts, this one features slide-out style gaming controls that add a unique flavour to the touchscreen mobile phone.
A simple, black, slick-looking accessory with four buttons and a short, stubby joy-stick are the only gaming controls.
The rest of the info just confirms the previously leaked specs and the dedicated gaming controls.
It is fully optimized for gaming with a display that slides up to reveal full gaming controls.
Really the only thing that prevents us from being completely put off from traditional gaming controls is one thing - we're all used to it.
We have seen gaming-centric smartphones with dedicated gaming controls and buttons that did really badly in the past.
But what's so special about this phone then besides the gaming controls and the rumored specs we already covered?
It does take a little flight time to get the hang of the gaming controls, but they aren't too difficult to learn.

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