Qué significa "gaming machine" en español


"gaming machine" en español

gaming machine
  • máquina de juegos

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He had a gaming machine -- the kind you see in a casino -- and we had a drink while he played on the machine.
No mention on the graphics card but this isn't a gaming machine.
We could say that's average for a high-powered gaming machine and leave it at that, but there's more to this result.
Here information is located in a particular position and functionality is generated by the use of this positional location to improve the gaming machine.
Yeap, it's seeping out of your gaming machine and leaking into your environment.
Designed for gamers who want a pocket-friendly high-performance gaming machine, the powerful processors sport an unlocked multiplier for easy overclocking.
Sure, it might not stack up to some of the bigger machines, but for a portable gaming machine, it can certainly hold its own.
This way, "security votes" have become synonymous to kalokalo gaming machine.
The deal covered an electronic gaming machine club operated in the premises of the hotel.

Ejemplos de uso para "gaming machine" en español

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