Qué significa "gaming site" en español


"gaming site" en español

gaming site
  • sitio de juegos

Ejemplos de uso para "gaming site" en inglés

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It turned out that the child was on a gaming site, and this made his account vulnerable.
Part of that strategy is to introduce a new revenue-sharing formula, one which is "consistent across municipalities," and based simply on the level of revenue at a gaming site.
They didn't disclose to me it was a gaming site.
We also started a website called just another gaming site.
You're a dedicated reader who would never dare browse news on another gaming site... right?
The internal content management system was upgraded, improving the gaming site load speed by 40% and offering deeper platform bonus features to enhance the player's experience.
They warn advertisers it's "racist" and "sexist" when a gaming site dares to point out that most angry gamers are young, white, and male.
If you hate it so much, go to some other good gaming site.

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