Qué significa "gamut of emotions" en español


"gamut of emotions" en español

gamut of emotions
  • gama de emociones

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Even now, years later, her daughter goes through a gamut of emotions -- temporary emotional breakdowns, haunting flashbacks.
I see my shadow in every one of the shortlisted contestants as they go through a gamut of emotions -- anxiety, fear, excitement, exhilaration -- everything.
One scene towards the end depicts a gamut of emotions.
We had already been through a gamut of emotions (through our advertising campaigns each year) with the whole fun, dance and song routine.
You go through the whole gamut of emotions, of course, but when we were laughing at it, we gave it a good old kicking.
She said she and her husband suffered through a gamut of emotions but eventually realized the need to focus on their son's life.
There was as much creative design as expertise behind the gamut of emotions -- humour, mischief, joyful and pride.
Soko manages the gamut of emotions well and endears the character to the audience, while making her tenacious and attractive to the people around her.
I know the full gamut of emotions, good and bad.

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