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"gang activity" en español

gang activity
  • actividad de pandillas

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Both of the men are associated with street gang activity and police said they aren't ruling out foul play.
Both the men are associated with street gang activity and it is not normal for them to have no contact with friends and family.
Hip-hop began in the early 1970s as an alternative to gang activity.
The victim's family says he did not have ties to gang activity.
It was infected with gang activity, mental illness and a unique architectural style.
Organized crime should not be confused with gang activity.
Sparks experienced its share as we declared a state-of-emergency resulting from gang activity at a popular event.
Employers aren't going to come here with people who can't pass a drug screen and with the gang activity.
He adds that gang activity is spread across the metro region.
Dial-a-dope operations have been a fixture of gang activity for decades.

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