Qué significa "gang affiliation" en español


"gang affiliation" en español

gang affiliation
  • afiliación a pandillas
  • afiliación de pandillas

Ejemplos de uso para "gang affiliation" en inglés

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But there was no gang affiliation, jurors were told.
Parata was a staunch stand-alone person, with no gang affiliation.
Ratliff, who police said had no gang affiliation, was in an alley and was struck in the head.
She says in jail he was a loner with no gang affiliation.
The dead 16-year-old had no arrest record, no gang affiliation, police said.
It's an unappreciated medium that gets instantaneously associated with poverty or some type of gang affiliation.
Local gangs have reportedly decided to wear rosaries as jewelry as a sign of gang affiliation.
Other information in the documents includes email addresses, citizenship statuses and one instance of gang affiliation.
Priority court dates are given to illegal immigrants with criminal records or have a gang affiliation.

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