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"gang busters" en español

gang busters
  • pandillas
  • cazatras de pandillas

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Get the price down to $30 and the product will take off like gang busters.
Nail the blend of expensive feeling desirability, efficiency, reliability and price and the cars will sell like gang busters.
Rose is predicting modest growth, just nothing gang busters.
They became a major concern for our police and gang busters soon after.
It got paid per acquisition rather than by click and business went gang busters.
Gold prices have gone gang busters in the last few years - and if you've got precious gold jewellery - time to check your insurance.
Taxation in a federal sense is an automatic stabiliser so when the economy is going gang busters it can be tweaked upwards to keep inflation under control.
But our people also make insanely great software that's been selling like gang busters for years.

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