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"gang graffiti" en español

gang graffiti
  • graffiti pandillero
  • graffiti de pandillas

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There on a boarded-up front door you'll see the red stain of gang graffiti.
The spray paint is to paint a neutral color over gang graffiti, thus reclaiming the neighborhood for the people and not the gangs.
Mirabel allegedly fled the scene after the first offense, but officers received another call about 15 minutes later of a suspect painting an entire residential wall with gang graffiti.
The 48-year-old baker said he learned how to spot the warning signs of gang involvement, including if his son was carrying markers that can be used for gang graffiti.
She shields her eyes from the hazy smudge of sun and looks toward the house marred by gang graffiti.
The next morning it was covered in what the police identified as gang graffiti.
As they grew up, some would fight over the same boundary or spray gang graffiti.

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