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gang membership
  • pertenencia a pandillas

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Gang experts stress that gang membership is a symptom, as much as a cause, of social problems such as poverty and youth unemployment.
The support gang members receive from politicians and those in authority will only reinforce the idea that gang membership is a good thing to have.
It is, however, also much broader than that, probing the gangs' history as well as making recommendations for breaking the cycle of gang membership.
The poor school officials were forced to argue that the hairstyle could be used by pupils as "badges" of gang membership.
He was barred from showing his tattoos in public or wearing a single golf glove, said to signify gang membership.
Yet the average age of gang membership can be as low as 15, it adds.
Now, going to the mosque every day, he has no interest in gang membership.
His gang membership and previous drug arrest should have excluded him.
He told the association's annual conference last week that gang membership was rising as police struggled with a fast growing workload.
Clients must sign a contract denouncing their gang membership.

Ejemplos de uso para "gang membership" en español

EnglishMany studies document a robust and consistent relationship between gang membership and elevated delinquency.
Muchos estudios documentan una relación consistente y coherente entre la integración de una pandilla y el aumento de la delincuencia.

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