Qué significa "gang of kids" en español


"gang of kids" en español

gang of kids
  • pandilla de niños
  • banda de niños

Ejemplos de uso para "gang of kids" en inglés

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Police said a gang of kids gets active during marriage season in the city.
Which is why the councillor, various city staff and a gang of kids were inside, taking a good long look, and poking around the rooms with confidence.
Oliver and the gang of kids went between the two.
Netflix's mildly spooky tale of a gang of kids against the darkness is peppered with heart-warming characters, as well as shamelessly po-mo intertextual referencing.
After six weeks of workshops, three times a week, they were just a gang of kids playing together, happily and confidently.
A gang of kids jumping around on a trampoline - what could possibly go wrong?
There is a gang of kids who think they own this area.

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