Qué significa "gang of robbers" en español


"gang of robbers" en español

gang of robbers
  • banda de ladrones

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He jumped out of bed and was confronted by a gang of robbers.
His friends, he told me, teased him by calling him daku (dacoit -- a member of a gang of robbers).
It wasn't his usual route, triggering suspicion that he might have been targeted by a gang of robbers.
The injured and the accused belong to a gang of robbers.
Also in the day, the police busted a gang of robbers and seized stolen goods.
He denied he was part of a gang of robbers and said he had had no idea that there were robbers in the pub.
He encounters a gang of robbers and a train chase ensues.
Police said local people caught three alleged robbers around 3am while a gang of robbers was preparing to commit robbery at the village.
Police suspected that a gang of robbers was involved in both the incidents.
A gang of robbers who were caught on camera earlier this year when they were tackled by a city worker have pleaded guilty.

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