Qué significa "gang of teenagers" en español


"gang of teenagers" en español

gang of teenagers
  • pandilla de adolescentes

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A man is in a critical condition after being set upon by a gang of teenagers in a suspected hate crime.
But people are wondering if it's related to a string of smaller fires in the past month, fires they attribute to a gang of teenagers in the neighbourhood.
The student and her boyfriend were set upon by a gang of teenagers in a park.
It's about a gang of teenagers who break out of their house and go on an odyssey across the tiny town where they live.
There he was attacked on the beach by a gang of teenagers who left him to be taken to hospital with a broken nose and jaw.
The harsh warning is likely to mean little more than what a passing life guard's ticking off might mean to a gang of teenagers disturbing others on a beach.
A heartbroken family say their much-loved family pet died after eating pizza a gang of teenagers had poured bleach over.
Now they are a gang of teenagers and young men in their twenties, the name extending to the brothers and cousins of the original troupe.

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