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"gang of thieves" en español

gang of thieves
  • banda de ladrones

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At an earlier hearing, the court was told that the group had taken goods worth $220,000 and a judge referred to them as "a gang of thieves".
Dobriyal is part of a gang of thieves, whose boss is a principled man.
On being questioned, they broke down and allegedly confessed that they were members of a gang of thieves.
The cats hang around like a gang of thieves, waiting for their chance to pounce and steal from our plates.
The crime branch had last year arrested a gang of thieves who used to steal cars, alter the chassis and engine numbers and sell them.
The film follows a gang of thieves who find out that the blind man whose house they've targeted isn't as helpless as he appears.
This gang of thieves is also quite well versed in striking a conversation.
But why would a gang of thieves take paintings that are so well-known, they must be impossible to fence for money - aren't they?
Choosing to rescue a villager from a gang of thieves or curing a sick herbalist isn't just a case of earning experience points and then moving on.
Bhagalpur police busted an international gang of thieves involved in stealing precious idols from temples.

Ejemplos de uso para "gang of thieves" en español

Englisha gang of thieves is operating in the area
Englisha gang of thieves

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