Qué significa "gang of thugs" en español


"gang of thugs" en español

gang of thugs
  • pandilla de matones

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If we're confronted by a gang of thugs, and fleeing seems rather more sensible, we feel a powerful surge of fear.
Relentlessly pursued through the forest by a gang of thugs, he finally meets his tormentors in a moody and startling climax.
Started by a gang of thugs, the blaze was one of the most exciting soap plots of its day.
Ghostly happenings in a graveyard, a ruthless criminal with a gang of thugs come together in an adventure full of danger and excitement.
In the last 14 days, a gang of thugs in the town have, in broad daylight, been accosting and intimidating people.
No, just a gang of thugs attacking white people.
They are in the back of the beyond when a gang of thugs attacks.
A gang of thugs who battered an 81-year-old woman with a metal bar as they ransacked her home were jailed for a total of 44 years.

Ejemplos de uso para "gang of thugs" en español

Englishthe gang of thugs had terrorized the neighborhood
la pandilla de matones había atemorizado al barrio
EnglishRobert McCartney was brutally murdered by a gang of thugs and criminals masquerading as Republican political activists or IRA freedom fighters.
Robert McCartney fue asesinado brutalmente por una banda de matones y criminales que se hacían pasar por activistas políticos republicanos o combatientes por la libertad del IRA.

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