Qué significa "gang operate" en español


"gang operate" en español

gang operate
  • pandillas operar
  • banda operan

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We have got tremendous support from the citizenry from the areas in which these gangs operate.
Police said the gang operated with the help of some accomplices whose hideouts they revealed after the arrest.
The gang operated across multiple states, said police sources.
Sources reveal that there are two main gangs operating in the area.
So children are abducted and smuggled by gangs operating from places such as railway stations and bus depots and then transferred across states.
The gang operated by placing online ads that showed images of children, especially girls.
The gangs operating this way are notoriously known as the "missed call gang".
Gangs operating in one borough were so prolific that officers suspected they were responsible for almost a quarter of all local offences.

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