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"gang target" en español

gang target
  • blanco de pandillas
  • objetivo de la pandilla

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Cops said the gang targeted the less informed and everything was arranged through family and friends.
Gardai suspect that the gang targeted the floodlights for use in "grow houses" used in the production of cannabis.
The gang targeted the prefab units, using crowbars.
As a result, the illegal gangs target known shellfish beds at day or night, depending on the tides.
A senior officer said that the gangs targeting couples knew that the female victim would seldom approach cops for fear of backlash from society.
The gang targeted victims on days when police were busy with public functions.
The gang targeted homes with high-powered cars parked outside and posted videos on the internet of the vehicles they stole.
There must be a whole new or recidivist gang targeting this area.
The gang targeted unoccupied houses and are thought to have used heavy bars and hammers to gain entry, mainly through the backdoors.

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