Qué significa "gang tattoos" en español


"gang tattoos" en español

gang tattoos
  • tatuajes de pandillas

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A couple of years ago, he hired two men despite what he assumed were their gang tattoos.
Just get him to open his shirt, it's full of gang tattoos.
The significance of gang tattoos, racist acronyms and numbers was also discussed.
He abandoned attempts to remove his gang tattoos, intent on not erasing reminders of where he'd come from.
Clemons denies this by showing he has no gang tattoos.
He got the gang tattoos, he became a drug mule, he carried out various orders.
But then we realised that 16 and 17 year old kids... they've already dropped out of school and got gang tattoos.
As well as other gangs, cut their skin off to take away those gang tattoos!

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